Questions and answers

What is the minimum amount for exchange?

The minimum amounts that could be exchanged on our server are:

0.01 BTC Bitcoin - USD
1.50 BCH Bitcoin Cash - USD
0.43 ETH Ethereum - USD
150 USDT ERC20 - USD
150 USDT TRC20 - USD
150 USDT BEP20 - USD
0.5 BNB Binance Coin - USD
3 LTC Litecoin - USD
600 XRP Ripple - USD
1 XMR Monero - USD
2200 DOGE Dogecoin - USD

Which payment commission you have?

The payment commission of our service are already included in the
exchange rate and are displayed at the application stage, including the
commission for the payment system.

How can I recover my password, if I forgot it?

Contact our managers and they will help you solve your problem. You will need to confirm that you are trying to recover your password from your account.

What I need to do if I lose access to mail?

You must have full access to mail, which was entering during account registration, for transactions and authorization on our website. If you have lost access to your email, you must contact technical support to recover your account.

What is a Referral Program and how can it be obtained?

Do you want to earn money with us? Register on the web-site and you will be able to participate in our referral program!

The referral program is a type of earnings for registered users on our service, which comes in the form of rewards for exchanges of those customers who came to us through your referral link. In your personal account you will receive an affiliate link and promotional materials, through which you can attract customers and thereby earn money.

The terms of referral charges for your referrals’ exchange:
0,5% of the exchange amount - after the registration on our web-site
0,6% of the exchange amount - for 5 invited referrals
0,8% of the exchange amount - for 10 invited referrals
0,9% of the exchange amount - for 100 referrals
1% of the exchange amount - for 300 referrals

How to create an application?

In order to create an application, you need to follow the instructions stated below:

1. Select the exchange direction (for example: in the ‘Give’ column choose Bitcoin, in the ‘Receive’ column choose Payeer and specify the amount you want to exchange or receive.

2. Fill in the ‘Data entry’ column, specify your e-mail, the wallet number (card or account) which you want to transfer money from, the wallet number (card or account) which you want to receive money and tick the I agree with conditions and rules of service.

3. Click the ‘Exchange now’ button, and then in the pop-up window you will be able to see our requisite elements for the transfer.

4. Copy our details. Insert the amount indicated in the application and your requisite elements, confirm the transfer. Do not fail to to make sure that the amount has been written down.

5. Next, return to our website and confirm the payment by clicking on the ‘I paid’ button. Done.

6. After the application is created, you will be taken to the page with your exchange. Here you can track the status of the application.

How long does it take to process an application?

The exchange is performed by an automatic mode and takes from 5 up to 20 minutes after the payment on application is received, it depends on the workload of our system.

There also may be rare cases with the Perfect Money payment system, when the Perfect Money system itself blocks the transfer for the purpose of verification. On average, the wait may last from 1 up to 6 hours, but it may also be a longer-term wait.

I paid for the application, but the money was not received on my account. What could be the reason?

The reasons may be different. To provide an exchange that will be successfully completed, please make sure that you did everything correctly:

1. Check if you have correctly entered your requisite elements for the transfer (wallet, account or card). If you specify incorrect details, your application will be moved to the Erroneous, which will be followed by an e-mail with reason detalizations;

2. Before transferring funds to us, make sure that you have copied our requisite elementss correctly. We are not liable for your mistakes;

3. When transferring to our requisites, make sure that the funds have been written off. If we do not receive the income, the application will be deleted;

4. The transfer may be possibly delayed by the PS or the Bank. In this case, we cannot accelerate the process, so it is only left to wait. To find out why the transfer has been delayed, you may call or e-mail the PS or Bank technical support;

5. All the reasons are individual, so if your situation does not apply to any of those listed above, you may send us an e-mail or address the online support on our web-site. We are always happy to help!

How to track my application status?

Your application status may be tracked in the section “My applications“ in My Account.

Also, if the application status changes, you will be notified by the e-mail indicated on the creation of Account.

Why does it take so long to process my application?

1. The first and most common reason is not that the application was not created. Remember that if you failed to click the ‘I paid’ button, the creation of your application may not be considered finished. If you accidentally close or refresh the page with this button, write to our online support and we will help you with this problem;

2. Check if you have written off the funds from your account when transferring. Perhaps you did not take into account the commission of the PS or the Bank, and you did not have enough funds for the transfer. Or for some technical reasons, the PS or the Bank did not allow your transfer. Be careful! If payment on the application does not arrive in a small period of time after its creation, it will be removed;

3. Incorrectly specified requisite elements can also cause a delay in the processing of your application. Carefully check the data when filling the application in. If there is an error, we will not be able to transfer the funds to you and the application will be moved to the Erroneous. Be sure to contact us through e-mail or web-site online support in order to solve this problem as soon as possible. After you provide us with the correct requisites for the transfer, we will process your application as soon as may be;

4. Before transferring funds, make sure that you have copied our requisite elements correctly. We are not liable for your mistakes;

5. There also may be rare cases with the Perfect Money payment system, when the Perfect Money system itself blocks the transfer for the purpose of verification. On average, the wait may last from 1 up to 6 hours, but it may also be a longer-term wait. In this case, you will have to wait for the unblocking.

Is it possible to cancel the application?

The funds will not be refunded, If your application has been processed.
You can return your funds (minus a transfer fee) by writing to the online
support service of our website, If the application is paid, but has not been
completed yet.

The letter with a password / account activation has not received

If you didn’t get a confirmation letter within 24 hours starting from the time of registration. First of all you need to make sure that you entered the correct e-mail address.  Some mail services may perceive such letters as unwanted and mark them as spam or not delivered. The following steps can help to solve a problem:

1. Make sure that you entered the correct e-mail. Go through the registration procedure again. If a message appears that the email address is busy, e-amail was entered correctly.

2. Make sure that you check the mailbox during registration. This step is especially relevant for people who use several e-mails or a computer is used by several family members;

3. Check the "Spam" folder;

4. Check your spam filter settings (if you use);

5. Contact the support service of your mail and ask them this problem.

Please contact the online support on our website, if no one of the steps didn’t help you.

If asked to clear the Cookies and Chache, how am I to do it?

Yes, after the functional update in case of any operations on the web-site you could have old files on your computer or other device. We ask you to update Cookies and Cache in order to ensure that all the services work fully and unerringly.

Instructions for clearing Cookies and Cache in your browser.

What is a confirmation from the Bitcoin network?

Usually the new Bitcoin owner can not immediately dispose of them. Once the transaction is completed, it is sent to the Bitcoin network for execution and must be included in the block to become legitimate. The process of transaction inclusion in a detect block structure is called a transaction confirmation. Inclusion in 1 block = 1 confirmation, when there are 6 and more of such acknowledgments the transaction is considered confirmed. This function was introduced against the re-expenditure of the same bitcoins.

There is a requirement of 2 confirmations from the Bitcoin network on our service, only after that your application will be processed.